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Kingdom is coming!

   It seems, like a fairy tale: long, long time ago… Yes, but not so long in our memory. So, the history has begun from 2010. One man met one woman (there were male and female leaders of the magical group). They tried to establish usual relationship using the social forums, but found unusual events. Their friend has died. We consider this event as a start of the magic group creation and named it «call-up». Some another girls have seen the same dreams after this death. We don’t know exactly, how many girls saw these dreams, we think, at least 50 women. Our friends were suffered and somebody has died during next two years. We had no idea for the reason while met the attack in the 2011 summer. Some people tried to poison our friend. It started black magic people attacks which continued several months. We found 3 black magic groups and exterminated it. Next stage was a stage of the attacks from abstract magical objects. We renewed a big abstract construction named «computeitor» (almost the same as artificial intellect — AI) at the end of this stage. Magic war, which continues more than 3 years, brought us together with different magical creatures such as other races (outside the Earth) including non-human races. We also found that we can move to another planets, visit it and stay there some time (not so long time — within one day or little more). When we go down to the planet from the magic area, we are getting a body. This fact is the most important fact. Usually, human body has an energetic cocoon (it described in Carlos Castaneda’s books). Cocoon saved and never destroyed after human’s death. As it has turned out, humans can revive from their cocoons by magical order after death (not only humans, all creatures who has cocoon). Firstly, we have revived all of our friends, who had died from black magic people attacks or from other reasons. 36 women were revived and they are living now on the planet named «Liana». In fact, next stage of the magic war was the revive stage and it continues now. As we have understood now, computeitor provides an execution of the all magical orders: moving to a planet, getting body, revive, changing a perception, building something, etc.

Next step of the kingdom construction was a creation «Oceania» colony. Oceania is a water world with islands. We have revived all of our parents on the Oceania. Oceania is the capital of the Sol Kingdom now. There is headquarter and military people in it to manage all of our magic war battles. Attacks of the different magic creatures are still continuing. We have created special magic battleships and new colonies on planets: the Earth-2 (Earth of magic) where people with excellent magic abilities are and the Ares where military people such as paratroopers are. There is an army, which includes magicians and paratroopers with headquarter on the Oceania. Magicians are using magic abilities for access to the battle field and paratroopers are getting access thru special suits. We suppose that all of our acts, including kingdom construction and magic war battles are fulfillment of a Plan. We have no idea who started it. According the Plan, all constructions, colony and kingdom’s citizens are appearing. Of course, when order «revive all humans» executed, humans placed on new territory. At least 500 planets used for this process. We suppose also, there are about 100 non-human races. It means that reviving process took about 50000 new planets. On the other side, computeitor provides a special device named «synthesizer». All new colonies have got synthesizers. Synthesizer supplies food on first stage of colony life, constructs buildings and metro. All colonies leaders have special access to synthesizer where a list of construction projects is. There is a list of events below.

1. Dyson spheres were created. It needs for huge colonies, such as intellectual forests, oceans and lost races.
2. There is D. sphere where Earth’s geological ages have reconstructed.
3. There are D. spheres where lost races have revived.
4. There are more than 50000 planets with colonies in the Sol Kingdom.
5. Oceania is the capital of the Sol Kingdom.
6. There are subdivision societies which are living in the capital such as: administrative, science, magic, social engineers and military sector.
7. Colonies have construction project for the settlement for kids. It called «city kids». Most of these settlements were constructed on seashore and kids were revived there. This project organizes new foster families where kids grow. It provides integrated access to the upbringing and education.
8. Intellectual forests and oceans were revived with their inhabitants (such as dolphins). Their ecological environment was reconstructed also. This project of reviving is the most important project of the kingdom magical activity.

There were a lot of events happened after first record dated March, 13, 2013. The army of the kingdom has got a crushing defeat. It has happened at the end of March. Magic Earth was completely burned. All magicians were died. Most of the troopers and military people also were died. It was hard lesson for us. We have completely rebuilt all structure in all of colonies. We have created new colonies on the planets moons. These colonies had become force of the space defense. They built space ships and protect planets from the attacks from the deep space. We have found the solution, how to provide a mass reviving. When we started it, the population of the kingdom has become grow booming. We started from thousands and population was growing doubly per 3-5 days. Fighting was going every day. We have exterminated thousands races, who attacked us. Finally, we have unblocked a mirror universe. There are 13 trillions inhabitants in the Sol Kingdom now. There are more than 20 different races. And we are still in war.
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